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SwellTech SurfSkate Love Story by an Intern

By November 11, 2014History
surfskate industries intern

To begin, I’ll explain to you the context of my placement. I did my International placement from June 12th to July 14th. I chose SwellTech SurfSkate and the US because I would like to improve my English level and one day work in the Surf and Skate industry, but most of all I love their product. The first time I got to try one of their boards was at a surf competition. The competition was on stand by because there were no waves. I rode the board and it was love at first site! I rode it all day. Just after this run, I was completely surprised by the sensation and the strong similarity to surfing! I have never tried a skateboard that mimics the feeling of surfing so well.

During my placement, I had the luck to travel between two different places: Fort Lauderdale in Florida and Laguna Beach in California. During the first part of my placement I was at the Florida office. I had different mission like building boards, designing new boards and preparing orders. The other part of the placement about July 2nd I went to California and I worked on the different improvements in board design, drew new boards, observed negotiations, and filmed a new promotional video. Throughout my placement I observed how to run a business. In California I could surf and skate every day, and have fun partying with the SurfSkate SwellTech Team! I also learned a lot of funny American games that I brought back to France to show my friends.

It was an incredible and enriching experience; maybe the best in my life. I could observe several parts of the company and it was very interesting. I surely will become a rep of the brand in France and manage the Facebook France page of Swell Tech SurfSkate. I’m proud to be the first intern in history for SwellTech SurfSkate. It’s a young, and dynamic company that deserves to be known.

Louis, the first intern of SwellTech SurfSkate 

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