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The New SwellTech Trucks

By August 22, 2017History, Our Technology

SwellTech System

Introducing our new truck system for Fall 17!

The SwellTech truck system is everything the VTruck provided plus a whole lot more. Our VTruck system shocked the surf cross-training world with the first ever unlimited-freemotion trucks. The SwellTech trucks continue with this innovation and add new features that allow a rider to carve even deeper on their rail, pump faster and more efficiently, and provide more stability for smoother cutbacks and rail to rail transitions.

SwellTech Truck Design Innovations

Front Truck

The new front truck has thicker gauge external and internal springs. The thicker external
springs allow a rider to put more pressure on their front foot and drive harder into each carve, while the thicker internal springs provide more stability for smoother pumping and rail transitions. Over all, the thicker, stiffer springs provide a more upgraded and stable feel from the VTruck.

The axel is an inch wider. The wider axle allows for more grab and direction change when it comes to setting up carves. With the upgraded rail control, sharp cutbacks and roundhouses are easier to perform.

New angled riser. The front truck is now equipped with an angled riser that pushes the angle of rotation off its perpendicular axis(tilted backward). This smooths rail to rail transitions and also causes the truck to automatically drive forward as the rider pumps, making pumping more efficient. (See photos below for more innovations)

Swell Tech Improvments
SwellTech Improvments
SwellTech Improvments

Rear Truck

The new rear truck is an inch narrower. With a narrower rear truck, and a wider front truck, the SwellTech axle widths are more identical making the rider’s weight distribution more balanced. The narrower axle also allows for easier foot pushing.

Double barrel bushings. While the V-Truck, and other longboards alike, used cone bushings, the SwellTech system uses double barrel bushings which are thicker and wider than cone. The wider bushings improve stability while the thickness provides for a large range of motion; crucial for inverted carves. (See photos below for more innovations)

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