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SwellTech System

No waves? Our trucks will improve your surfing before the next swell hits.

This isn't your standard longboard cruiser. Our boards are built only for those looking to practice their surf technique when and whenever they can.

Original SurfSkate Truck
In the beginning

A concept of motion becomes an entirely new skate truck

10+ years ago we started by studying the motion of a surfboard and comparing that to what the standard carving truck was missing: A surfboard can carve in any direction (even without lifting the nose) and with the help of lateral motion, a surfboard can pump for speed.

NEW FOR 2022

SwellTech Trucks

The SwellTech SurfSkates are designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard by having a completely free motion front truck, and a standard more rigid truck in the rear.

The SwellTech front truck has unlimited lateral movement thanks to its spring loaded caster design. The truck can turn completely sideways, and allow the user to turn all the way around in the width of a standard sidewalk.

The free motion front truck mimics the unlimited movement of a surfboard -pump for speed and turn in any direction- while the rear truck acts as a stabilizing pivot point, like the fins in a surfboard.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Well it carves sharp, that means it easily gets speed wobble, right?     A:  NO! Our SwellTech trucks self correct and stay centered at high speeds instead of getting the shakes. Our boards have been tested at 45mph with no wobbles.
  • Since it carves at huge angles, does it get wheel bite?     A:  Nope, the 2020 SwellTech trucks have stops built into them that stop the truck from pivoting before the wheels are able to touch the deck.
  • Wow the trucks look expensive. Lifetime warranty?     A: Yup! Break any part on the trucks and we replace it for free.
  • Can I buy just the trucks?       A:   No 🙁   Our trucks have a unique hole pattern and only fit on our decks. We only sell completes – because if you don’t have the right deck design, the trucks will not work right at all.