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A Costa Rican National Champ Talks SurfSkate Swell Tech

By August 28, 2015Videos

Checkout the video to see how Jason trains, and hear what he has to say about training with the SwellTech SurfSkate.

Here is an english translation of Jason’s Interview.

“We are here with Jason Torres, Costa Rica Surfing National Champion.

Jason, can you please tell us what you think about SwellTech SurfSkate as part of your surf training?

Jason – I think it’s essential for a surfer because of how impressively similar it is to surfing.
The first time I used it was crazy because it is like surfing outside of the water, literally. It strengthens your legs, and the most important thing is that your brain will remember the correct body motion when you get back in the water.

Jason – The truth is that these days after training with it, I felt a big difference, also with the alternative training I’ve been doing with Mario Rios (Jason’s Surf Coach). I think it’s a great option for high performance surfers, or professionals who want to work on their surfing.”

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