The New SwellTech Trucks

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SwellTech System Introducing our new truck system for Fall 17! The SwellTech truck system is everything the VTruck provided plus a whole lot more. Our VTruck system shocked the surf cross-training world with the first ever unlimited-freemotion trucks. The SwellTech trucks continue with this innovation and add new features that...
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Zak Noyle Series

Photographers Behind the Boards

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We are proud to announce our new SurfSkates featuring photos by Zak Noyle and Jake Marote! Here at SwellTech SurfSkate we want to bring the best board to the surfing community. We pride ourselves in making the top surf cross training boards, but why not add some epic surf shots to go…

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SurfSkate Industries V-Truck Technology

The New SurfSkate V-Truck

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To build a skateboard that rides like a surfboard, you need to start by looking at a surfboard. Surfboards have a simple design: a flat plane with fins in the rear. website uptime . This simple design allows a rider to rotate their upper body, pivoting off of the fins…

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