Zak Noyle – Sandy’s Deck


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Zak Noyle Sandy’s Deck

The Zak Noyle Sandy’s Deck is a very versatile board. Its wide deck makes it good for deep carves, but it is also short in length making it very maneuverable and good for parks. With the kick tail it’s easier to boost airs! Its also beautiful enough to hang on your wall when your not riding it. Check out the Complete Zak Noyle Sandy’s and all the Zak Noyle Series from SurfSkate Industries.

Zak Noyle Sandy’s Deck Specs:
– Wheelbase: 19 Inches
– Deck Length: 32 1/2
– Deck Width: 9 1/2
– Kick tail

Additional Information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions10 x 4 x 40 in


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