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No waves? Our SwellTech system will improve your surfing before the next swell hits. The 2020 SwellTech trucks are designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard by having a completely free motion front truck, with a more rigid standard truck in the rear. The free motion front truck mimics the unlimited movement of a surfboard -pump for speed and turn in any direction- while the rear truck acts as a stabilizing pivot point, like the fins in a surfboard.

Our trucks are under Lifetime Warranty; break a part and we will replace them for free.

The new 2020 SwellTech Trucks have an upgraded feature in the front axle that allows the trucks to rotate smoother when performing a deep carve and also greatly improves the life of the springs.

Our original deck, the Premiere, now has a longer wheelbase at 23.5 inches! The longer wheelbase now allows a rider to spread their feet to match their actual stance on their surfboard. Having the ability to cross-train in your real surf stance maximises the fluidity between surfing and skating, and will allow you to get your practiced land maneuvers onto waves with greater ease.

We recommend the Premiere to riders 5’8”-6’4” or 173-195 cm tall. *Note, These heights are only suggestions, any rider can shred any board*

2020 Premiere Navy Specs:
– SurfSkate Swell Tech System
– Dimensions: 40” x 9¾” x 3/8”
– Weight: 9lbs
– Wheel base: 23.5″
– Traction Pad
– Tail width: 7”
– Abec 7 bearings
– 70mm Wheels


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 11 × 8 in

3 reviews for Premiere Navy | SwellTech

  1. justintlat (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with mine so far, once the earbuds are in and I get a nice flow it’s easy to imagine being on a wave. Very good board for practicing pumping and carving when you can’t get to the ocean or if you’re like me teaching your wife to surf with limited beach access

  2. Owen Haacke (verified owner)

    Love this board. It’s a blast to ride. I have this board and the Camo Hybrid. I’m 6’2” and it’s prefect for pumping up small hills and can also do power slides with it. Can ride this board on all kinds of hard surfaces. The white board stands out and looks great. These boards are top quality. I bought an extra pair of springs just in case because I know I will be riding this a lot.

  3. Hollis

    It’s Amazing!!!!!!!!

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