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No waves? Our SwellTech system will improve your surfing before the next swell hits. The 2023 SwellTech trucks are designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard by having a completely free motion front truck, with a more rigid standard truck in the rear. The free motion front truck mimics the unlimited movement of a surfboard -pump for speed and turn in any direction- while the rear truck acts as a stabilizing pivot point, like the fins in a surfboard.

The new 2023 Italo Ferreira “Tube” Pro Model – Designed by Italo himself, the Tube deck is a mid length board, designed with a narrower body to save on weight. This deck is designed for a mid sized rider – see below – that wants a snappy, more flexible feel. The tail graphics of this deck are taken from the same design of the surfboard Italo rode when he won his  Gold Medal in the 2020 Olympics.

Our trucks are under Lifetime Warranty; break a part and we will ship and replace them for free.

We recommend this board to riders 5’ to 6’2″ or 160-195cm tall. *Note, These heights are only suggestions, any rider can shred any board*

2023 Italo Ferreira “Tube” Pro Model Specs:

– SurfSkate Swell Tech  System
– Wheelbase: 23 Inches
– Deck Length: 37 Inches
– Tail width: 7.5″
– Abec 7s
– 70mm 78a Wheels
– Traction Pad

2022 Updates:

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 11 × 8 in

7 reviews for Italo Pro Tube | SwellTech

  1. Francisco

    Best gift ever I use it every day.

    Feeling is so much as Surfing, you can have a blast training in skateparks, downhill or surfing the streets. In just months I feel my surfing improved a lot
    at gaining speed, carving and body rotation when snapping or hitting the lip.

    My truck springs broke after some months of use, but trucks are under lifetime warranty and they delivered in no time.

  2. Daniel

    it’s the best skateboard I ever had, thank you so much for developing this. I can push really hard down the hill with deep carves and precise turning, as well as throw the tail and perform nice snaps in some park walls and bowls . Use it every day and has improved my surfing too

  3. Diego

    Get this board now, in the past 2 months I I have improved so much from this board. I didn’t know how to do a good pump intill I got this board, I pump super fast down the line know thanks to this board.
    Tip: loosen the trucks up, you will have trouble once you first get the board because trucks aren’t that loose. Right when I loosened the board with tool and moving the front truck with my hand in a rotating motion, the board will feel like you are surfing.

  4. bob

    worlds best board

  5. Kai D (verified owner)

    Super sick board! After a while one of the springs broke, but customer service was super helpful and got a stronger set of springs shipped out to me a soon as possible.

  6. Adam

    Man this thing rips! Can already tell how much my surfing is going to improve, even after a day. This thing forces you to pump correctly, and after a couple YouTube tutorials really got this thing going. If you’re looking to improve your pumping and weight distribution this is it.

  7. Henry Sanders

    This board rocks. It’s not my first surf skate but it’s my favorite. I agree with everyone else that is awesome and just like surfing. No regrets buying this board. I also use it everyday and love it. Great board and great company

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