“The V-Truck allows you to do a carve, or a power turn, as if you were surfing.”

                                                                                                        – Albee Layer, Pro Surfer


Funny Story How the V-Truck Came About

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“When I was about 15, (2005) I was a sponsored longboard rider. I’d spend many days making downhill/slide videos when the waves were flat, but my true passion was surfing. I noticed that all the longboard companies were marketing their boards as surfing cross trainers; saying that their board, with…

A Costa Rican National Champ Talks SurfSkate

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Checkout the video to see how Jason trains, and hear what he has to say about training with the SurfSkate. Here is an english translation of Jason’s Interview. “We are here with Jason Torres, Costa Rica Surfing National Champion. Jason, can you please tell us what you think about SurfSkate…


The New SurfSkate V-Truck

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To build a skateboard that rides like a surfboard, you need to start by looking at a surfboard. Surfboards have a simple design: a flat plane with fins in the rear. website uptime . This simple design allows a rider to rotate their upper body, pivoting off of the fins…