“The V-Truck allows you to do a carve, or a power turn, as if you were surfing.”

                                                                                                        – Albee Layer, Pro Surfer


Funny Story How the V-Truck Came About

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“When I was about 15, (2005) I was a sponsored longboard rider. I’d spend many days making downhill/slide videos when the waves were flat, but my true passion was surfing. I noticed that all the longboard companies were marketing their boards as surfing cross trainers; saying that their board, with…


SurfSkate Love Story by an Intern

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To begin, I’ll explain to you the context of my placement. I did my International placement from June 12th to July 14th. I chose SurfSkate Industries and the US because I would like to improve my English level and one day work in the Surf and Skate industry, but most…


The New SurfSkate V-Truck

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To build a skateboard that rides like a surfboard, you need to start by looking at a surfboard. Surfboards have a simple design: a flat plane with fins in the rear. This simple design allows a rider to rotate their upper body, pivoting off of the fins to perform turns,…